INTRODUCING: NZ’s First ever marble doors!

It’s marble…. but it’s not! Sage Doors are proud to bring you NZ’s FIRST EVER melamine marble door. You can design that kitchen with marble fronts that you’ve always dreamed of – without the weight of marble, or the cost of a laminate! Textaura™ Sophie ticks all the boxes: it is a melamine, so your cabinetmaker knows exactly how to work with it, and it’s affordable.

Featuring a melamine marble with a lusciously soft matte surface; the marble has a sense of depth and metallic in it to give it a realistic appearance… at a fraction of the price!

Uses: kitchen cabinetry, bar back panels, carcass interiors (for that extra special cabinet!), wall panelling, office interiors, shop fitouts, desks, palace interiors (you just never know!).

The sheets are 2800×2050 so the options are endless.


TEXTAURA™ (text-ur-a) Sophie features a durable melamine surface, with a unique texture and picture to create an authentic marble look and feel.

With an elegant soft matte surface and an ever-so-slight metallic fleck, Sophie has a natural sense of depth to bring it to life!


Textaura™ is pressed on an MDF substrate.


A matching MKT Alpha-Tape PP is used on the edge of the doors, creating a seamless edge.

No glue is involved – the edge is simply melted directly to the substrate.


Textaura™ comes in a large sheet size (2775×1805) for extra flexibility.


For normal cleaning, simply use a damp, soapy cloth, then dry with a towel to remove streaks.


Please Note: These colours are for a reference only. Colours may differ from screen-to-screen. Contact us today if you require a sample.


For that touch of ‘Sophistication’ in your home, Sophie is your go-to!

Mitred Handle:      Yes  (note: whitening on corner of mitre)
Thicknesses:           18mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775×2045