Lookcrete Loutro & Timbalook Rangitoto

Concrete is a sought-after material for many applications but it’s only recently become more commonplace in the kitchen. Here’s how to incorporate this luxurious look into the heart of the home. Hand-troweled concrete has a unique and instantly recognisable appearance. Its slightly rough texture gives each panel a unique textural form. While concrete is now […]

Timbalook™ is an all new melamine woodgrain… with a difference: The picture and texture are synchronized to create a realistic and modern look and feel. The textured surface imitates that of a wire-brushed veneer; however, with a consistent colour, durable melamine surface, and no lacquering involved, Timbalook™ is an easy veneer alternative. The finer details: – 4 unique […]

Acrymatte Eclipse with mitred handle - Cut-It Kitchens

Mitred Handle With the handleless look all the rave in modern kitchen design, Sage Doors decided it was time to develop a mitred handle for their Laseredge door range. Sage Doors’ new Mitred Handles are ideal for creating that sleek and modern handleless look.   Fully Laseredged… and easy to fit! The discreet new Mitred Handle […]

Future proof yourself with Sage Doors Invisedge™ Sage Doors is excited to announce their new trademark brand name – Invisedge™ (pronounced ‘envisage’) Invisedge™ is Sage Doors’ melamine Laseredge doors. What makes Sage Doors Invisedge™ different to other melamine doors with laseredge clashing? It’s the materials used It’s the machinery involved It’s the men employed It’s […]

Senosan Acrylic Senosan GmbH, an Austrian based, plastic sheeting company has achieved worldwide recognition for their high gloss acrylic films. Senoplast GmbH (Senosan’s mother company) has been manufacturing acrylic sheeting for cabinetry finishes, as well as formable car and shower linings, for a long time. In 2011, they added AM1800TopX to their high gloss cabinetry finish […]

Sage Doors, a family owned business, has partnered with MKT GmbH from Germany to supply Alphatape™ laser edgetape to the cabinetmaking industry across New Zealand and Australia. As the first company in New Zealand to begin manufacturing doors and panels using laseredge technology, Sage Doors needed to source a laser edgetape before they could begin […]

Creating a seamless finish with Laseredge™ consists of ‘seeing what everyone else has seen, but thinking what no-one else has thought’ (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi) – it’s not as easy as it looks!   Many cabinetmakers understand the struggle to achieve a seamless edge on high gloss panels. Sage Doors invested in the world-industry-leading brand of edgebanders, […]