Acrymatte® features a super smooth surface with advanced scratch resistance for higher durability.
Acrymatte®’s lusciously smooth surface and superior depth of matte add a sense of refined luxury to your design.


Edged with Invisedge™ to create a molded looking door, Acrymatte® is your durable and modern alternative to lacquer and melamine options.


Following the latest trends in Europe, Acrymatte® is a very popular choice for those wanting something slightly different, new, and modern.
Statement: Acrymatte® is manufactured exclusively by Sage Doors. Acrymatte® is the registered trademark for the finished door products. Acrymatte® includes the acrylic board + our special laseredge ‘Invisedge®’ & Sage Door’s ‘3m’ philosophy.

The Surface

Acrymatte® features an acrylic laminate produced in Austria by Senosan GmbH. Senosan is a plastic sheeting company who have achieved worldwide recognition for their acrylic films.

Sage Doors have chosen Senosan’s new AM1800TopMatt for Acrymatte® due to it’s extra durability and scratch resistance.

Acrymatte® features a special hard coat, meaning it won’t scratch or mark easily.



The acrylic is pressed onto a moisture resistant, Carb2* MDF substrate from a leading substrate manufacturer in Europe. This company has a huge focus on the environment and the quality of the MDF.

This high quality MDF has a consistent surface to ensure the final look is as flat as possible.

*  ‘Carb2’ is a formaldehyde emissions rating, much like ‘E0’ that you might be familiar with.



We use a matching MKT Alpha-Tape PP Excellent Matte edgetape to create a virtually seamless transition between the face of the panel and the edge.


Due to the nature of the acrylic, marks don’t show as quickly as a melamine surface. Refer to our cleaning & care instructions for more information.


Please Note: These colours are for a reference only. Colours may differ from screen-to-screen. Contact us today if you require a sample.

Snow White

clean and crisp as fresh snow in the Southern Alps. 

Mitred Handle:      Yes
Thicknesses:         18mm, 32mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm


think warm curries and healthy tropics. This is a really versatile colour – not to white, not to cream but just right! 

Mitred Handle:      Yes
Thicknesses:         18mm, 32mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm


black as a night when there’s a full lunar eclipse 

Mitred Handle:      Yes
Thicknesses:         18mm, 32mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm


a warm dark grey – smooth and warm to touch like fancy possum fur

Mitred Handle:      No
Thicknesses:         18mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm

Merino (limited edition only)

smooth and warm like fresh merino wool

Mitred Handle:      Yes
Thicknesses:         18mm, 36mm, 57mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm