Acrymatte® features a super smooth surface with advanced scratch resistance for higher durability.
Acrymatte®’s lusciously smooth surface and superior depth of matte add a sense of refined luxury to your design.


Edged with Invisedge™ to create a molded looking door, Acrymatte® is your durable and modern alternative to lacquer and melamine options.


Following the latest trends in Europe, Acrymatte® is a very popular choice for those wanting something slightly different, new, and modern.

The Surface

Acrymatte® features an acrylic laminate produced in Austria by Senosan GmbH. Senosan is a plastic sheeting company who have achieved worldwide recognition for their acrylic films.

Sage Doors have chosen Senosan’s new AM1800TopMatt for Acrymatte® due to it’s extra durability and scratch resistance.

Acrymatte® features a special hard coat, meaning it won’t scratch or mark easily.



The acrylic is pressed onto MDF in Europe on world-leading machinery. To ensure we can deliver the best product possible to you, we’ve visited the factories to ensure we can be confident with the product and the way it is produced.


We use a matching MKT Alpha-Tape PP Excellent Matte edgetape to create a virtually seamless transition between the face of the panel and the edge.


Acrymatte® to  is very easy to clean. Due to the nature of the acrylic, fingerprints literally evaporate off the surface. More stubborn marks can easily be cleaned off – refer to our cleaning and care instructions for more information.


Please Note: These colours are for a reference only. Colours may differ from screen-to-screen. Contact us today if you require a sample.

Snow White

clean and crisp as fresh snow in the Southern Alps. 

Mitred Handle:      Yes
Thicknesses:         18mm, 32mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm


black as a night when there’s a full lunar eclipse 

Mitred Handle:      Yes
Thicknesses:         18mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm


a warm dark grey – smooth and warm to touch like fancy possum fur

Mitred Handle:      No
Thicknesses:         18mm, 36mm, 60mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm

Merino (limited edition only)

smooth and warm like fresh merino wool

Mitred Handle:      Yes
Thicknesses:         18mm, 36mm, 57mm
Max Panel Size:     2775mm x 1195mm