About Us

A Kiwi-family-owned business for the past 40 years, Sage Doors is in the game to manufacture New Zealand’s coolest (aka, highest quality) cabinetry doors.

However, we don’t just make doors; we open doors.

We open the door to modern, affordable and high quality doors.


How do we do this?

Our machinery.

Our materials.

Our men.


Our doors aren’t just any doors – they’re backed by our 3 ‘M’s.

Without these m’s, our doors wouldn’t be Sage Doors. They wouldn’t be Acrygloss, Acrymatte or Invisedge.

They would just be doors.

We’ve worked hard with our 3m’s to tie them all together. We’ve travelled around the globe to find the highest quality materials. We’ve speced out our machinery to our requirements. We’ve made our own machinery that we couldn’t buy.

When the door is closed, we open it… so that you don’t need to!


As a company, we feel honoured to have our competitors continually try to copy us – you know you’ve hit the jackpot when other companies try to copy you!


Don’t fall for the copy. Get the real deal.