From your toaster to your Kenwood, your computer to your washing machine, Sage Doors Single Sided roller doors are capable of hiding so much.
Roller Doors enable you to effortlessly hide everything that’s behind them, without swiping objects in front, making them the ideal space-efficient door system.

Our roller door screens are also a great solution for beaded panelling for under islands, vanities, table legs, feature walls – the list goes on! As it’s on a fabric backing, it can easily be glued onto your surface. These are made to size, so get in touch and we can help you work out your requirements!


Let your imagination roll free!

Designed with a modern lifestyle in mind, Sage Doors Single Sided Roller Doors are designed to be used in many different situations.


Material Options

They can be made from any material

Melamine / Melteca
Acrygloss /Acrymatte
Any solid  timber
Vinyl wrap
Anodized aluminium.



All of our doors are custom made to suit the opening.

Our maximum size is generally approximately 2m x 2m; however, if you’re wanting something slightly different, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to work with you to make something that works.


Handle Options

Our Bar Handle gives our roller doors a modern twist. Made from the same material as the rest of the door, and running the width of the door, they simply blend in like another slat. Easy to install and easy to operate.

We also offer a Blank Handle that a standard cabinetry handle can be fitted to.

Routed handles can be supplied on MDF or timber doors only.


Spiral Roller

Our unique spiral roller creates a smooth rolling motion as the door rolls around itself.


Idle Roller

The idle roller system spreads the door’s weight evenly over the full width, preventing it from sagging in the middle. The idle roller also helps the door to roll more smoothly.


Microswitch for fire safety

Sage Doors is a health and safety conscious company, and we understand the potential fire hazard appliance garages in kitchens can pose.

Supplied for free, and super simple to install (installation info link), the microswitch simply cuts off power supply to the cabinet when it’s rolled down, completely eliminating the hazard.


Motorized Option

When required, we can motorize our roller doors.  Contact us for more information today.



What would you store behind your door?

An on-bench scullery/pantry?
A hallway laundry/study-nook?
In your boat/campervan?
In your school/office/shop?


Please Note: These colours are for a reference only. Colours may differ from screen-to-screen. Contact us today if you require a sample.