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Acrygloss®  and  Acrymatte®

Acrygloss®  - the ultimate high gloss finish

Acrymatte® - the luxurious matte surface 

High gloss finishes for cabinet fronts are becoming a popular choice with designers and customers wanting a flat, reflective, scratch resistant finish without the weight or expense of glass. The challenge with high gloss acrylic is to get a flat finish without ripples and dimples which distort the reflection, and with a depth of gloss to get a mirror-like finish.

Sage Doors have spent some time researching alternatives, travelling to Asia visiting factories, trying to find a product that meets the discerning standards of New Zealanders. Unfortunately, although there is an extensive range of patterns and colours available, they tend to have a clear layer of acrylic over a pattern which does not allow for a seamless look at the edge. Also, the acrylic has imperfections which are exaggerated in the reflected image.

We have found the perfect solution, Acrygloss. This is a new, high gloss acrylic sheet from Europe with superior scratch resistant qualities and a mirror-like finish. Acrygloss is made by pressing this acrylic onto MDF.

Unlike other high gloss acrylics which need time for the solvents from the protective coatings to escape or need to be washed with water to harden the surface, Acrygloss high gloss panels are hardened, ready for use as soon as the protective coating is removed.

Using matching high gloss polypropylene Alpha -Tape Excellent Gloss Invisedge, Sage Doors are able to produce a virtually seamless transition between the edging and the panel with no visible glue line to change colour with dirt and light over time.

Due to higher ceilings in many new or renovated houses, we have decided to import the 2800mm x 1200mm sheet size. This means larger panels can be supplied than is possible with standard 2440mm sheets.

Our Acrygloss Colour range and thicknesses available is as follows: 

  • White: 18mm, 24mm, 32mm, 36mm, 60mm 
  • Glacier: 18mm, 32mm, 36mm, 60mm
  • Black: 18mm, 36mm, 60mm
  • Orange: 18mm, 24mm
  • Claret: 18mm, 24mm 
  • Charcoal Metallic: 19mm, 36mm, 60mm    (DIRECTIONAL)
  • Silica Metallic: 18mm    (DIRECTIONAL)
  • Galaxy Metallic: 18mm     (DIRECTIONAL)
Acrymatte is available in the following colours:
  • Acrymatte Snow White: 18mm, 32mm, 36mm, 60mm
  • Acrymatte Eclipse (Black) : 18MDF

{Charcoal, Silica, and Galaxy are all metallics, so must be treated directionally. Contact us if you have any questions}

As we are constantly buying new stock, we may also have other thicknesses available. Contact us if you require something that's not on the list above. 

Acrygloss high gloss panels are competitively priced compared with other gloss options such as vinyl or two-pot polyurethane lacquer. With a CNC router for cutting and a dedicated hot air edge bander, Sage Doors offers you a quick turn-around for cut and clash panels.

Acrygloss panels are ideal for kitchen cabinetry, office furniture, wall paneling, reception areas, shop fittings, and household furniture. The bright orange and claret colours make a bold splash of colour in a white or black kitchen.

Everything in life is a reflection of a choice you have made: choose Acrygloss!