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As a New Zealand owned and operated, family business, Sage Doors has been at the forefront of manufacturing roller doors since the mid 1950s - follow our company’s history to see how we have become a leading supplier of quality roller doors in NZ. In 2013, we invested in a laser edgebander and began manufacturing Acrygloss and Invisedge cupboard doors. 

Exciting New Finish!

Acrymatte®: The Luxurious Matte Surface  

Acrymatte®'s lusciously smooth surface and superior depth of matte add a sense of refined luxury to your kitchen. 

The first of it's kind in New Zealand, Acrymatte® features a super smooth surface, with advanced scratch resistance for higher durability. 

Invisedge™: The Virtually Invisible Edge 

At Sage Doors, we’ve taken the durability and affordability of Melamine, combined it with the quality seamlessness of Invisedge clashing, and created the ultimate door for everyone in any situation. Our Invisedge doors are your affordable, durable alternative to lacquer or vinyl wrap. More information

Check out our photos to see how you too could use our Invisedge cabinetry doors in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any retail/commercial environment! 

Acrygloss®: The Ultimate High Gloss Finish   

With high gloss cabinetry the new 'thing', Sage Doors offers the perfect option!

Acrygloss is a scratch resistant, high gloss acrylic board from Europe, which has a smoother and deeper reflection than lacquer or vinyl wrap options. Acrygloss has an exceptional mirror-like, high gloss finish, without the high price tag. 

Using Invisedge, one of the latest trends in Europe for edging board, Acrygloss kitchen cupboard doors have a virtually seamless edge. As no harmful glues are involved in the application process of the edge tape (the edgetape is melted directly to the MDF substrate) Acrygloss has a clean, molded looking edge. 

Check out our photos to see how you could use our Acrygloss or Invisedge cupboard doors in your kitchen!  

Roller Doors 
How many times have you said, ‘This kitchen isn’t big enough!’ as you negotiate around open cupboard doors cluttering up your benchtop?

Sage Doors offers you a solution to maximise your usable space. Whether open or closed, our Single Sided Roller Doors use no bench space, and, unlike a swinging door, can be opened /closed without moving anything in front of the door.  

Our extensive development and improvements of our roller door's operating systems and designs have seen roller doors included in many settings (both classic and modern) - but not only in kitchens! Check out our photos to see how a roller door could give you optimal use of the space in your home, boat, school or workplace too! 

As a fire safety precaution, we supply a free micro switch with all roller doors that have an electric socket in the cabinet. More information

Servery Roller Doors 

Our Sage Commercial and Domestic Double Sided doors close off servery and reception areas and have been installed in many halls, churches, clubs and homes throughout the country.
Got an space you want to close off with a sturdy door, but don't have the space for a regular swinging door? Contact us to see if one of our roller doors would be suitable for you. 

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