The Optidoor range is home to 30+ fully customisable door profiles to give you endless opportunities in your designs. Perhaps you’re after a traditional frame door, or maybe you would like a modern linear profile.

With a focus on modern, classic & timeless, the profiles that you’ll find in the Optidoor range are ready to take your designs into the future. You’ll find frames, as well as so many linear profiles like flutes, waves, v-grooves, battens – the options are endless!

Our Optidoor profiles can be easily customised during ordering to create your own custom profiles – for example, by editing the frame widths, changing the spacing of the linear profiles.

Get in touch if you’d like samples or require further information! See our spec sheet link for all the profiles!

Optidoors are designed with cabinetry in mind to make your job super easy: they’re fully customisable and variable width.

Our Optidoor profiles are designed with the cabinetmaker and designer in mind: you can easily adjust different variables (spacing, depth etc) when ordering to create a profile just the way you need it. Wider or narrower battens? Bigger frames? Wider beads? Different adjustments in your fluted panels? It’s all up to you!

The visuals on our online ordering portal update as you adjust the profile, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering.

Variable Width:
Nobody wants to have those awkward 10mm flat bits on each side of a linear profile door because the profile didn’t quite fit the size of panel!

As a result, we’ve designed our Optidoor profiles to be variable width – meaning that the profile automatically adjusts to fit the width of the door, ensuring a seamless look across your design. For example, if the profile is 20mm wide and your door is 410W, then it will automatically adjust the size of the profile to 20.5mm to perfectly fit the size of the door. You won’t typically notice the difference in the profile size, but everyone will appreciate the seamlessness of no ugly flat bits! Give your doors the quality look they deserve.

When ordering your door online, it will tell you what the actual profile spacing will be for your peace of mind.

New Optidoor thicknesses!
To create even more options & flexibility in your design, we now offer all of our profiles in 18mm, 21mm, 24mm and 30mm thick! As per our normal 18mm thick Optidoor range, these are supplied sanded, and should be ready to send to your painter.

Get in touch if you’d like samples of any of our Optidoor profiles – we’d love to chat!


Please Note: These colours are for a reference only. Colours may differ from screen-to-screen. Contact us today if you require a sample.