An example of a commercial roller door

Sage Roller Door Features

Our roller doors are continually under going enhancements to ensure you are receiving the best quality roller door on the market.

Our seven innovations to the Sage Single Sider roller door make for an easy to install and operate door, perfect to use in many situations.

  •          Our track has been specially designed with an extra flange to allow your fascia to be screwed in  place through the single layer of aluminium.

  •           Our unique spiral roller provides you with an anti –bump protection which ensures each slat rolls gently over the other slats in a smooth action without bumps. Without this feature, you hear a slight ‘bump’ every time the slats roll onto a new starting point.

  •          We have carefully designed our brackets to make their installation easier, the brackets slot into the track to ensure correct placement without the need for templates.

  •          The bar handle which is manufactured in the matching material as your roller door screen is a durable option, with its aluminium backing rail behind the screen it provides strength and rigidity. When choosing the bar handle as you handle option your door will roll smoothly as there is no twisting of the bottom of the door to operate like with the other handles.

  •           The double roller system spreads the door’s weight evenly over its full width, preventing it from sagging and enabling the door to roll exceptionally smoothly.  An additional benefit is that the backing fabric is less likely to wear because there is less tension at the edge of the door than if the door is scraping over the plastic guide.

  •          O rings are fitted to dampen any sound for a optimum quiet roll.

  •          An air cushion effect is created with the addition of felt pile to the back of the door making it sound quieter and feel smoother.