Example of a double-sided roller door

Double Sided Roller Door

As beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

Double Sided roller doors are designed for areas where you will see both sides of the door as they have slats on both the front and back of a strong fabric. They are supplied pre-tensioned into a bulkhead to make installation simple and quick.

"...when is a Double Sided roller door ideal?"

Sage Double Sided roller doors are ideal for small openings and for domestic use. Popular finishes are paint quality MDF and solid timber (either sanded or with a clear lacquer finish), but they can be made out of just about any material.

The front and back can be matching or made out of different materials. We can make the front out of most materials including Melamine, veneer, solid timber, vinyl wrap, MDF, and even anodized aluminium. A popular request is to use Melteca or Melamine on both the front and back, but because of the special way we machine the back slat to allow it to roll, prefinished materials such as Melteca cannot be used on the back (Melamine, veneer, vinyl wrap, and anodized aluminium are also problematic). Instead, we suggest using MDF and painting it to match the face or choosing a complementing solid timber as a design feature. Vinyl is another backing option, but it doesn't give the door the same rigidity as using a 5mm slat.

Installation is simple as Sage Double sided roller doors are supplied pre-tensioned into a beautifully mitred bulkhead. Usually we manufacture this from sanded MDF so you can paint it to match the wall colour, but we can also craft if from veneer or Melteca/Melamine when desired (for additional cost). We also supply timber guides for the door to roll in.

We suggest brush painting the door on site once installed - just remember not to roll the door up for a few days! 

If your servery door needs to be lockable, we generally supply socket bolts to be installed on the inside of your door as it is the simplest and most cost-effective option. Sage Double Sided roller doors are often used to close off an area such as a kitchen from a hall or multi-purpose room, so securing the socket bolts from the inside before exiting the room and locking the main door is usually enough to prevent access to the room.  Where required, we can install a key lock inside the hand rail, but it is more expensive because of the labour involved and is also harder to service if the need ever arises.

We offer a 5 year warranty on Sage Double Sided Roller Doors.

Allow 10-15 working days for manufacture and delivery.


"what if I require a large servery door?"

We recommend using a Sage Commercial Roller Door for large openings as its 45x20mm solid cedar slat is designed to cover wide spans very effectively. It is also the most durable option for high use areas such as churches and maraes.