An example of a commercial roller door

Sage Commercial Servery Doors

Sage Commercial Roller Doors - the timber roller doors built to last a lifetime.

What is a Sage Commercial Servery Roller Door?

Sage Commercial Servery roller doors are high quality timber roller doors designed to close off servery openings between two rooms (where both sides of the door will be seen). Handcrafted from solid Western Red Cedar to fit your opening, they are both beautiful and durable.

Where can a Sage Commercial roller door be used?

Constructed from robust 20mm thick cedar slats and stainless steel straps, Sage Commercial Servery roller doors are perfect for high-use areas such as churches and schools, maraes and community centres, clubs and bars, or anywhere a heavy-duty roller door is needed. They can also be used to close off cupboards or shelving.

Large spans of up to 3 metres wide can easily be covered, with removable centre mullions  available where required for wider openings (see photos for more details).

What is my door made from and why?

·         Western Red Cedar slats (a light yet stable timber) ensure the door lifts easily every time – this can be colour graded on request to match surround décor.

·         Slats are a solid 45x20mm for premium security

·         Stainless steel straps running the through centre of the slats provide security and strength

·         Supplied fine sanded, ready to lacquer (cedar is soft so we recommend that you paint your door after installation to avoid damaging the finish)

·         10 year guarantee gives you peace of mind

 Can my Sage Commercial be lockable?

Yes! Sage Commercial roller doors are often used to close off areas such as kitchens from hall or multi-purpose rooms, so we supply a pair of socket bolts for installation on the inside of your door. Securing the socket bolts from the inside before exiting the room and locking the main door is usually enough to prevent access to the room and is the simplest and most cost-effective way to close off the room. Where required, we can install a key lock inside the hand rail, but it is more expensive because of the labour involved and is also harder to service if the need ever arises, so socket bolts are our preferred option.

How easy is it to install a Sage Commercial?

Installation is simple as Sage Commercial roller doors are supplied pre-tensioned into a ready-to-fit MDF bulkhead, sanded ready for you to paint. We also supply timber guides for the door to roll down in, so you can simply screw the bulkhead and guides into place.

For more information, please contact us on 0800 50 SAGE

Bulkhead is 300x300mm for curtains up to 1500mm high; 350x350mm if over 1500mm high.

"I only have a small opening, do you have any other other options?"

Yes, consider using a Sage Double Sided roller door as it may be the perfect option for you.