Fire safety in 5 simple steps

Sage Doors recognises the hard work the New Zealand Fire Service does protecting our homes. To help reduce their call outs to fires caused by appliance leavers being caught on the roller door when closing, we are sending the micro switch out with all of our roller doors that have a electric socket in the cupboard for free.

The micro switch is wired into the socket by your electrician when the sockets are being connected and in 5 simple steps screwed into place when installing the door–see micro switch installation for further details. When the door is open the lever is engaged and your power sockets activated. A simple tick of the box on the order form is the start of your fire safety in the home.

If you have an existing roller door you can still have a micro switch installed now, contact us to order your micro switch and then get your local electrician to connect it. You won't need to have your cabinet maker come back to alter the cupboard for you.

25% of all house fires start in the kitchen, click here to get your fire safety advice for your home.