New bar handle option for roller doors 

Available in the same material as your roller door, this durable option gives a stylish yet unobtrusive look and allow you to keep clean lines running right throught the job.
Why choose a bar handle?
Sage Door's new bar handle has been designed to get around the problems many people have had with older handle options on roller doors, as it allows the roller door to both roll smoothly and fit in with current kitchen designs . 
·        A popular option has been to order a "Blank 50mm Hand Rail" and attach a standard cabinet handle onto it. However, this changes the angle of the handle rail and bottom slats in the tracks, causing the door to glide less smoothly.
·        Painted routed finger slots have been another popular option. They do allow the roller door to glide smoothly, but in high use areas the paint tends to wear off over time. Also, many designers and clients tell us the routed handles look too "old-fashioned".  
·        Choosing our new bar handle helps ensure that your roller door will glide smoothly and look great in your kitchen. It is also a very durable option.
The bar handle is made to match your roller door, so if your roller door is made out of...
·          Melteca or Melamine... the bar handle will have the same Melteca/Melamine on the top and bottom edges, matching 2mm PVC on the front edge, and a solid core - a very robust combination for your roller door.
·         Anodized Aluminium... the bar handle is also made out of extruded anodized aluminium
·      Dezignatek foil... we make it in a similar way to Melteca bar handles, using the closest matching PVC on the front edge
·      Arborform foil... Arborline wrap the foil onto a bar handle for us, provided the roller door is less than 1200mm wide (if the door is wider, we make the bar handle the same way as for a Dezignatek handle).
·      MDF, to be painted... we make the bar handle from paint quality solid timber.
·      Solid Timber... the bar handle is made from the same timber species as the roller door.
We supply you with an aluminium backing plate that sits behind the door to provide extra strength and rigidity.
We still also make routed handles as required to match older-style kitchens, but our new bar handle or a blank hand rail are currently our two most popular options.