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Common Acrygloss Questions

Technical data and Care instructions will be added shortly. Please call 0800 50 SAGE for further information.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Orders are placed online, simply choose your material colour and then start added your panel sizes and clashing options. 

Q. How do I get a quote?  

A. Quotes are placed online, simply choose your material colour and then start added your panel sizes and clashing options.  Quotes are not self generated but a email will follow shortly after your quote has been submitted with your pricing.

Q. What size do I order my panels?  

A. All your measurements need to be the finished size of your panels. We do all the calculations for trimming and Invisedge clashing during the processing stage when your order goes to the cut shop. There is an exception if you have handles being added by us – see question below.


Q. Can you put handles on our doors and drawer fronts?

A.  Handles can be fitted; we only fit strip handles at the top. When ordering doors or drawer fronts that require us to fit the handle, the height must be entered not including the handle height.  Specify in the extra information that a handle is to be fitted for each panel.


Q. How quickly can I get my order?

A. Our standard turn around from order to dispatch date is 4 working days. Deliveries within Auckland are usually delivered the same afternoon or the next day. North Island deliveries are usually later the follow day for major towns and the following day for more remote areas. The South Island can expect delivery with 2-3 working days.

Q. Can I change my order?

A. Because we offer you a fast turn around from order to dispatch, orders can only be changed immediately after your confirmation has been sent. Once the processing to our cut-shop has begun no changes are available, extra panels can be placed in a separate order and will be dispatched together.


Q. Can you do glass frame surrounds?

A.  Yes we do. We make a door and cut out the centre for the glass (with a rebate on the back). We then gloss paint the inside edge, as we cannot laser-edge an internal edge. 


Q. Can a roller door be made in Acrygloss?

A. Roller doors can be made in Acrygloss, the only handle selection available is the bar handle.We make the roller door surround in one piece and edge the inside by hand. Just  complete the order form and email or fax it in to us.


Q. What am I best to clean my doors with?

A. Use the VuPlex that was provided with your order. It is an anti-static polish and once applied and given a good polish with a clean, soft cloth it helps to keep the finger marks at bay. Gentle household cleaners are suitable but to get rid of any dirt. A damp soft cloth with warm soapy water is best followed by a VuPlex polish. Extra VuPlex can be ordered through us, or through your local Bunnings store. Some car shops also stock it. 

Q. What colours are available?

A. Our colour range currently consists of  White, Black, Claret, Orange, Charcoal Metallic, Galaxy Metallic and Silica Metallic. We will soon be introducing a new white - Glacier - due september 2015. 


Q. What is Acrygloss?

A.  Acrygloss is a 1mm acrylic pressed onto MDF board. It provides you with the highest scratch resistant acrylic available on the New Zealand market. It has a near prefect reflection and high gloss finish that is durable for everyday use in the home.

Q. How thick can I make a panel?

A.  All of the colours are available on 18mm MDF and white on 32mm MDF as standard stock items. Build-up panels are available from 24 - 60mm thick in all colours, however we would recommend using 36 or 60mm options as they're slightly cheaper!  

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